Friday, June 17, 2011

real housewives of jacksonville

If my life was a crazy (staged yet addictive) so-called-reality tv show like the Real Housewives, what would I say to the women I've met in Jacksonville? If we were all on one stage, champagne glasses in hand and guns at the ready...would I be able to articulate how I feel?

Here goes my say at the reunion:

1) Tara - I wish I had seen through you sooner. You told so many lies. You were horrible to Tonya and I don't know how or why. You did hurtful things to me and were then suprised when I didn't want to be your "facebook friend" anymore. Maybe it's because you didn't have sisters, maybe it's because you had a shitty childhood, but I think you need to stop and consider why you don't have any long-term girlfriends. I hope you find whatever you are looking for in life, and stop screwing over the people who were there for you.

2) Stephanie - I'm sorry. Really, I am. I am sorry that I was dramatic and insecure. I am sorry that things were so misunderstood. I am sorry that I said judgmental things to you and that I didn't call you out on the judgmental things you said to me. It has taken me awhile to figure out that I can't expect people who don't know me to understand why I act a certain way. I wish you all the best and hope that you and FP sail off into the sunset together.

3) Summer - I wish I had stood up to you a few weeks ago when you made comments about my relationships. Jon is wonderful. Will it be that way forever? I don't know. But right now, I just love him and want to be happy. He is a big part of that for me, and it doesn't make me bad or codependent or naive. It just makes me happy. So be happy for me, and keep your opinions to yourself.

4) Erin - I just love you. You have been there for me throughout the years and you are the definition of a friend. I have never met a better secret keeper and I adore you for that! Truly, I hope we remain friends for a long time.

5) Tammy - I think you are crazy and fun and trustworthy and gorgeous. I wish you knew that about yourself. I want you to see how wonderful you are and let that person take over. No more mourning over your lost relationship, no more letting men treat you like shit. It's time for Tammy to step back in and stop settling.

Stay tuned for next season...