Thursday, August 28, 2008

party like barack star

So, those of you who know me, know I'm a very much a liberal. I'm not as educated on the issues as I should be, but I do have a deep belief in taking care of people and making sure that government does not interfere with people's personal life decisions. I struggled with the Obama v. Clinton issues. I really, really, really would love to see a woman run for President. Ever since I was a little girl, and I took those tiny steps onto my woman's rights soapbox, I knew that someday it would be possible. But I believe it will come in time. I believe in many things.

And I believe in the good in people.

I work with adolescents, but that isn't what makes my job frustrating. What makes my job so difficult is working with an endless supply of jaded people. I am constantly told that I'm too idealistic, and when I "wake up", I'll realize that these kids will never change. They tell me, that when I "get a life", I won't waste my time trying to help these kids. The negativity of my co-workers is very overwhelming. It's part of the reason I escape to Montreat each summer - just to be surrounded by people who don't think I'm naive for believing in the good, to be surrounded by people working overtime to bring happiness to kids they don't even know.

So, it is no wonder that someone like me can feels a connection to Barack Obama. His campaign, his story, his message - it's all so hopeful. It's empowering for me to watch him. He has overcome a lot and seen so much more than me. And even though some people say it's just feel-good-political-fluff, I can't help but feel excited that he united so many people with this message of hope.

Oh, the audacity of hope. Yes, we can. I believe in Barack Obama - and even if it turns out that he's not the Political Prince Charming of the Democratic Party - I will still believe in change, and hope, and happy things like that.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

under - rated

I am officially obsessed with the following things today:

1. The Law & Order Criminal Intent marathon on USA
2. The Law & Order Criminal Intent marathon on Bravo
3. Law
4. & Order
5. Criminal Intent


Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am officially over the following things today:

1. Living alone
2. Constant rain
3. Jacksonville
4. Laundry
5. commercials

Ugh! Please let me go back to work!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

and the teachers are already complaining...

Dear Fay,

You know, at first I was psyched that you were heading this way. They said you'd be a Category One, bringing lots of wind and rain. I bought supplies. I filled my gas tank. I emptied my minuscule bank account just for some emergency cash.

And veered off course. Was it something I said? I can't think of any other way to welcome a storm . We closed our schools and opened shelters! My neighbors boarded their windows and took all their potted plants inside. The mayor got on tv and scared the crap out of us.

This is all we get? Some drizzly rain and wind. A few leaves on the ground. What more do you want? You better bring something a little stronger, Miss Fay. Or else I'm going to put you in the same category as all my ex-boyfriends - Masters of the Bait and Switch.

With disgust,
A Floridian with a bad case of cabin fever

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hey fay

Woo! A storm is coming. I love hurricane season. Oddly enough, this is the first time I've lived alone and had to prepare on my own. I stocked up on water, peanut butter, batteries, and gas. I made sure Puck and Zoey are stocked up on pet food. Another necessary item that many people forget is a cord-phone. Cordless phones can't work without power to charge the base, and cell phone towers are down. An old-fashioned plug-in phone is a hurricane must.

And, in case of power outages, and I can't watch my daily dose of Gilmore Girls or Scrubs, I bought Twilight, which I can't wait to read. Does that count as classic literature, Emily?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

my mom would be proud

Inspired by Kim, I took the 1930s Housewife test. I used ex-boyfriends as substitute husbands and used situations with my students to answer the kid questions (except the part about tucking them in to bed at night!) And, as most of you can probably predict, my results indicate:


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

That's right. I failed. Totally, completed, failed this test. Apparently, cooking in my pajamas, getting a job, swearing, and wearing red nail polish would make me a very, very bad wife. Hooray for the modern woman! I can blog and burn my bra all at the same time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

books, blogging, and kids, oh my

Emily's blog about books she's never read greatly inspired me at work today! In my county, I am required to help students meet a "25 Book Standard". Basically, I'm really against the idea and think it's a giant waste of time, HOWEVER, I'm required to do it. The kids have to do a "book report" after each book.

I was thinking ... what if they built their own blogs for book reports?

For each book, I would give directions and they would respond in a post on their blog. It would be much less paper (go green!) and it would be incorporating technology (go nerds!). Also, I could grade it from home without having to lug home a bunch of papers. Lastly, I think I'll require them to read each other's blogs and leave textual feedback.

Now...there are many "pros" to this idea, but I know there are some cons. First, I don't know if every kid has an email account, and I don't want them setting one up without their parents knowledge. Second, I don't want them putting too much info about themselves on the internet. Third, not every kid has internet at home (however, we do have computer labs at school).

So...I need your help. Do you think this will work? What other pros/cons can you find?

I'll keep you updated.

Monday, August 11, 2008

money for nothing and your perks for free

When you first start teaching, you think, " WOO! Summer's off!! Teacher perk!"

When you start the first two months off, you think, "This is awesome! I don't have to work again until August. I love this job."

Then, in the middle of the summer, you wonder, "Um, when am I going to get paid?"

By the end of the summer, you find yourself eating popcorn for dinner with a side of canned peas.

And you think, "Oh, shit."

Yep. Oh. Shit.

Friday, August 8, 2008

freeze tag 2.0

I'm a sucker for stuff like this. Also, it keeps me from making an ice cream run to Publix. Thanks, Kim!

4 places I 've lived:
1. Clifton, New Jersey
2. Ocala, Florida
3. Gainesville, Florida
4. Jacksonville, Florida

4 shows I watch
1. The Colbert Report
2. Project Runway
3. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
4. Scrubs Reruns

4 jobs I have had
1. Blood Bank Telerecruiter
2. Target Photo Lab Team Member
3. Assistant Athletic Director
4. Middle School Teacher

4 places I've visited
1. Mt. Vernon, Jamaica
2. London, England
3. Hydaburg, Alaska
4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

4 blogs I read regularly.
1. Emily
2. Levana
3. Kim
4. Jami

4 favorite foods
1. Meatloaf
2. Fresh steamed Broccoli w/lemon
3. Perogies
4. Fish Tacos

4 places i would rather be
1. Orlando w/Janine on her birthday weekend
2. trapezing around Europe
3. buying the winning lottery ticket
4. in Tennessee

4 things I am looking forward to this year
1. Colten being born (September)
2. Kat coming home (October)
3. Obama is elected (November)
4. 2 weeks off for Christmas (December)

4 things I do in my spare time.
1. Watch bad tv
2. Read
3. Hack the planet (read: internet)
4. Rack up enormous cell phone bills

4 favorite things to do with kids/family
1. hang out at Hollywood Pulp Kitchen
2. go to North Carolina
3. hang by the pool (when it's clean)
4. watch Young Frankenstein

4 people I tag: Emily, Levana, Thomas, and Jami

ps. I promise one day my blog will contain more interesting posts!