Thursday, August 28, 2008

party like barack star

So, those of you who know me, know I'm a very much a liberal. I'm not as educated on the issues as I should be, but I do have a deep belief in taking care of people and making sure that government does not interfere with people's personal life decisions. I struggled with the Obama v. Clinton issues. I really, really, really would love to see a woman run for President. Ever since I was a little girl, and I took those tiny steps onto my woman's rights soapbox, I knew that someday it would be possible. But I believe it will come in time. I believe in many things.

And I believe in the good in people.

I work with adolescents, but that isn't what makes my job frustrating. What makes my job so difficult is working with an endless supply of jaded people. I am constantly told that I'm too idealistic, and when I "wake up", I'll realize that these kids will never change. They tell me, that when I "get a life", I won't waste my time trying to help these kids. The negativity of my co-workers is very overwhelming. It's part of the reason I escape to Montreat each summer - just to be surrounded by people who don't think I'm naive for believing in the good, to be surrounded by people working overtime to bring happiness to kids they don't even know.

So, it is no wonder that someone like me can feels a connection to Barack Obama. His campaign, his story, his message - it's all so hopeful. It's empowering for me to watch him. He has overcome a lot and seen so much more than me. And even though some people say it's just feel-good-political-fluff, I can't help but feel excited that he united so many people with this message of hope.

Oh, the audacity of hope. Yes, we can. I believe in Barack Obama - and even if it turns out that he's not the Political Prince Charming of the Democratic Party - I will still believe in change, and hope, and happy things like that.


GatorGirlintheCity said...

Amen sister!

Did you make it to Jarboe Park for the Market today?

thetomboyeffect said...

I love how you have always stuck to your values. This (in part) what has given you such amazing character. Over the years, you haven't stopped standing strong. In fact, the foundation is just stronger and it makes me so very proud of you Linds. Truly - you are amazing.

The Working Girl said...

Aww, thanks my PKMF buddy! You've been friends with me and my soapbox from day one, and for that (among other things), I love you!

Hey Neighbor! I was out of town last weekend but I want to farmer's market it up this weekend. Maybe we could carpool and be even more green?

GatorGirlintheCity said...

I would carpool but I'm housesitting/dog sitting at the in weekend though, let me know if you want to go and we can go together!!

The Working Girl said...

next weekend for sure!