Saturday, March 28, 2009

i really shoud be:

- doing laundry
- vacuuming
- cleaning out the litter box
- packing for Tampa
- driving to Tampa
- arriving in Tampa


I'd much rather sit here and watch this very interesting documentary on the lives of self-absorbed New York City housewives instead.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

should i stay or should i go?

I found out today that I'm "safe" at my job for one more year. It's still a possibility I might be surplussed (read: sent to teach at another school), but the possibility is slim.


I'm almost thinking about transferring to another school.

Both my teammates (Lynn and Mary) are being surplussed. The surplussed is based primarily on seniority; it can come right down to the date you were hired. The thought of losing them makes me heartsick. This year has been the BEST ever, simply because I am privileged to work with these two amazing teachers. But now Lynn and Mary can't stay, and I don't want to work without them.

After five years, I'm comfortable at my school. My colleagues respect me. When my name came out as one who might be cut, a lot of them reached out to me to tell me I was "too good" to be let go. My boss respects me and treats me fairly. In fact, I think she has a bias toward me and treats me better than she does others.

So why leave?

Well, for one, I have a great team and if we can create the option to go somewhere else together, it's worth examining. I don't know about the possibility of us still teaching together, but we have some leads.

Secondly, the schools that would be able take us in this budget crunch would be "turnaround" schools, meaning, schools in poor neighborhoods with mostly African American and Hispanic populations. Right now, I teach mostly privileged white kids. I know I make a difference wherever I teach, but the opportunity to make a larger impact might be at another school. It's also an opportunity to challenge myself and take myself out of my comfort zone.

Lastly, I'm just plain sick of my administration. For the past three years, the opening of school is disastrous. For the past three years, people I look up to as teachers were given shoddy reviews. For the past three years, we've been waiting for them to get their act together!! It's beyond ridiculous at this point.

However, I might lose up to $2500 by transferring. Right now I serve as the "Assistant Athletic Director" (stop laughing, I'm a glorified coach's secretary) and I make a nice supplement. I don't know if my supplement will still be available to me next year, but if it is, the money is nice! Also, there will be a new high school opening in 2010-2011. If I transfer, I won't be eligible to transfer again for another three years. Meaning, if I really don't like it at the new school, I have to stick it out until 2013.

So, I mean, I don't have a reason to go besides just wanting to try something new. What do you think? Should I stay or should I go?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

that's what she said

I was going to post about the possibility of losing my job at my current school and being surplussed to a new one, but instead I'm going to share this little scene from my classroom.

We're bringing the Poetry Unit to a close by practicing some Asian styles of poetry. Yesterday, my kids were writing "Shi" poems, which is a type of traditional Chinese poetry.

Me: Your poem will work best if you just chose one subject. Remember, Asian poets are famous for writing about scenes in nature or things that are 'natural', so when you're trying to pick a subject, consider natural inspirations.

Student: Can I write about masturbation?

Me: (Silence) Well ... (silence)

**At this point, none of the kids in the room seems freaked out by what he said. They were all just looking at me. I figured if anyone knew the meaning behind 'masturbation', they'd be overwhelmed with giggles.**

Me: Do you know what that means? (Then after quick thought) Just answer 'yes' or 'no'.

Student: I overheard my mom on the phone. She was telling my dad to talk to my brother about it. Then my dad got pissed and she told him to stop freaking out because it's only natural.

Me: I tell you what. Go look it up in the dictionary. If you can figure out what it means and you still want to write about it, be my guest.

A few minutes later, after student poured through the dictionary, he timidly raised his hand.

Student: Uh, Miss L? Can I change my subject? Please?

Budget cuts: $15 million
Teachers loosing jobs at my school: 12
Moments like this: priceless!

Monday, March 23, 2009

oh, hot damn

This was my jam.

I forgot that I used to LiveJournal, back before facebook and myspace became the way to communicate. I just spent over an hour re-reading my "online diary" from the time to when I moved in with Josh to when I bought my condo.

It's funny how some things change. I read about my goal to lose weight, and it was pretty amazing to realize that I met and kept my goal! I read about Laura and Rob getting married, Kennedy being born, and how angry I used to get with my father.

And I think it's an amazing thing how much I changed. I used to be so angry - why? Was it because I was being emotionally abused on a daily basis and under the stress of being a first year teacher? Was I just a total grump? Perhaps it was because I had not yet discovered the bliss of anti-depressants??

Anyway, if you like what I write, you might like to read what I used to write. Adolescent ranting aside, the witty, sarcastic banter is worth a glance or two.


ps - It's also nice to know that some things don't change. My favorite thing to do is still stay home, watch Gilmore, and eat Mac N Cheese.

Friday, March 20, 2009

i ...

had too much to drink, and therefore, find it perfectly acceptable to download the Pussycat Dolls version of "Jai Ho".

PS - Drunk Gilmore and Honey Nut Cheerios is AWESUM!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recipe for Composure

Take two dry eyes, one tight-lipped smile,
and three deep sighs
Place gently in a large room filled
with others watching
Mix emotions with common sense
until warm
Pour in some self-confidence
Blend into a mantra
at a steady pace until it feels natural
Let stand in front of everyone
Until the tears don't need to fall anymore

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

me, myself and ...

I think I will have good karma for awhile.

I released an attentive, caring, understanding, supportive, and incredibly handsome man back into the universe for some other woman to call her own.

It was the right thing, it was a sad thing, it was just one of those things.

: (

I have work to do.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the alchemist made me do it

Everywhere I look lately, I am seeing the "oh"mens.

The co-worker contemplating a divorce because she "fell blindly in love in my twenties and never thought about what kind of man I would need in my forties."

The sister who finally opened herself up and admitted she would like a commitment only to get dumped because she "got really drunk and talked so much about commitment that it was a major turn off."

The friend who popped up out of nowhere because she "needed to talk to someone about the emails a mysterious sender was forwarding containing pictures of her husband kissing other girls."

The most wonderful girl in the world who let a few text messages with an ex go slightly past appropriate because she "just wanted to talk to someone who knew her back when she was someone else."

And finally, the WG who broke down and cried to MLL last night, because she "just couldn't keep it all inside any more and needed a place to let go of it all."

Oh. Men.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm teaching my munchkadoodle middle schoolers limericks today. Limericks are short, silly, somewhat cheeky poems. These are some I've written just for you:

For Parker
There once was a blogger named Em,
Who gave birth to a big wad of flem.
The nurse wiped her eyes,
and to her surprize,
A baby was suddenly among them!

We went to a rally for Obama,
And witnessed a whole lot of drama.
When Florida went blue,
I sure thought of you,
And all of the votes from your mama!

Daisy Lady
Round town in a convertible she drives,
It's a wonder she's even alive!
All other cars she wrecks,
and causes rubber necks,
Other drivers only hope to survive!

J & M
A romance like none in the world,
A passion so quickly unfurled,
Between this one pair
With brown and red hair,
Did I mention that they were both girls?

LL dot com
A big sister so fresh and so cleanie,
Who used to be cruel and quite meanie,
Santa Claus she would call,
And Christmas she'd stall,
For naughty Little Meg and The Beanie!

Dr. Cool
I know that my blog you still read,
I see you upon my life feed.
But others you'd rather,
Spend time with and gather,
And never your heart let it bleed.

Now try one for me!
:) WG

Friday, March 6, 2009


My life used to go something like this:

Friend: I'm engaged/getting married/having a baby!

Me: Congratulations!!!

Inner Me: Why aren't I doing those things? Why am I so behind? What's wrong with me?

Now my life goes something like this:

Friend: I'm engaged/ getting married/ having a baby!

Me: Congratulations!

Inner Me: Woo! Better you than me! Congratulations!!

Getting older is awe sum.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

seriously unsanitary conditions

The day has come.

My job reach an all time low.

At today's faculty meeting, my principal informed us that the woman's faculty restroom has been left in "seriously unsanitary conditions" several days this week.

Think about what that means:

Seriously. Unsanitary. Conditions.

Her next words? "And that's putting it lightly."

This was followed by numerous stories of co-workers who had been afflicted by this growing problem. The details shared included (I'm not kidding) feces on the floor. Yes. You read that correctly. HUMAN FECES ON THE FLOOR!

So, after this insanely disgusting revelation, we began planning ways to catch the person responsible. They included:

1. If you enter the bathroom and see poop, immediately tell the office staff.
2. Installing new locks so that you will need a key to poop.
3. Monitoring the bathroom at all times to prevent student poops.
4. Having a sign-in sheet for poopers.

Hopefully, these tactics will prove fruitful in the hunt for the bathroom bandit. After all, everybody poops, so it could be any one of us, anywhere.

Monday, March 2, 2009

the most wonderful time of the year...

is Florida Festival season.

There is nothing better than walking around an outdoor fest, watching kids scramble between the tents and dogs panting in the shade. You've got your $5 homemade lemonade in one hand and your hot Latin Lover's hand in the other. The afternoon provides much needed time to stare at art you can't afford and eavesdrop on the conversations of those who can.

Don't MLL and I look adorable at the San Marco art festival?

We were rekindling the moment of when we first met, which also happened to be the first outdoor festival MLL ever attended! Of course, that was back when all MLL wanted was to get in my pants. It is, as he puts it, before he knew me and discovered he wanted more than what was in said pants. It also happens to be one of my favorite festivals, the Riverside Wine Fest. I think the wine-tasting somewhat affected the pants-desiring and then pants-denying.

Seeing that MLL had already popped his festival cherry, I took him to an art festival this weekend.

The San Marco Art Fest marks the coming of north Florida's fabulous outdoor festival season...

There's the Greater Atlantic Seafood Fest and Much Ado about Books in March, followed by Sprining the Blues in April, World of Nations, Fernandina Shrimp, Dancin' in the Streets, and Jax Jazz Festival in May, Moonlight Movies and the Screenwriter's Festival in June, a fabulous 4th of July scene at the beach, and the culminating Gay Pride week in August.

I hope this provides MLL with sufficient opportunities to buy me some funnel cake. It will probably help with the whole pants situation.