Sunday, March 15, 2009

the alchemist made me do it

Everywhere I look lately, I am seeing the "oh"mens.

The co-worker contemplating a divorce because she "fell blindly in love in my twenties and never thought about what kind of man I would need in my forties."

The sister who finally opened herself up and admitted she would like a commitment only to get dumped because she "got really drunk and talked so much about commitment that it was a major turn off."

The friend who popped up out of nowhere because she "needed to talk to someone about the emails a mysterious sender was forwarding containing pictures of her husband kissing other girls."

The most wonderful girl in the world who let a few text messages with an ex go slightly past appropriate because she "just wanted to talk to someone who knew her back when she was someone else."

And finally, the WG who broke down and cried to MLL last night, because she "just couldn't keep it all inside any more and needed a place to let go of it all."

Oh. Men.


emilysuze said...

I think my burning question is, when you started crying, did YLL act like a true man and hold you and tell you it would be alright? Because that's a good "oh" man, right there if he did.

The Working Girl said...

MLL is perfect, he is the epitome of God's most wonderful man.

Consequently, that is part of my problem, which I'm sure will rear its ugly head in a forthcoming post.