Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm teaching my munchkadoodle middle schoolers limericks today. Limericks are short, silly, somewhat cheeky poems. These are some I've written just for you:

For Parker
There once was a blogger named Em,
Who gave birth to a big wad of flem.
The nurse wiped her eyes,
and to her surprize,
A baby was suddenly among them!

We went to a rally for Obama,
And witnessed a whole lot of drama.
When Florida went blue,
I sure thought of you,
And all of the votes from your mama!

Daisy Lady
Round town in a convertible she drives,
It's a wonder she's even alive!
All other cars she wrecks,
and causes rubber necks,
Other drivers only hope to survive!

J & M
A romance like none in the world,
A passion so quickly unfurled,
Between this one pair
With brown and red hair,
Did I mention that they were both girls?

LL dot com
A big sister so fresh and so cleanie,
Who used to be cruel and quite meanie,
Santa Claus she would call,
And Christmas she'd stall,
For naughty Little Meg and The Beanie!

Dr. Cool
I know that my blog you still read,
I see you upon my life feed.
But others you'd rather,
Spend time with and gather,
And never your heart let it bleed.

Now try one for me!
:) WG


Kimberly said...

This might be the best post ever. I love it!

Now, for you:
A lady with laughter to spare,
She wrote with a gift that was rare,
She charmed readers with humor,
kind heart, fun demeanor,
And left friends with a smile to share.

I'm not funny. I apologize.

emilysuze said...

I adore my little wad of flem and the limerick you wrote about him. I would try to write one for you, but I'm going on four hours of sleep and still suffering from baby brain! :)

freedtobe said...

A PKMF sister
smitten by a hot mister
A love of God so great
There existed no debate
My friend for life
Never causes me strife
I will love her dearly
Just never queerly
Cause that’d be presbyterian incest
not exactly at its best

too longer for a limerick but following directions never was quite my style ;)

The Working Girl said...

Thanks, girls! You made my day.