Monday, March 23, 2009

oh, hot damn

This was my jam.

I forgot that I used to LiveJournal, back before facebook and myspace became the way to communicate. I just spent over an hour re-reading my "online diary" from the time to when I moved in with Josh to when I bought my condo.

It's funny how some things change. I read about my goal to lose weight, and it was pretty amazing to realize that I met and kept my goal! I read about Laura and Rob getting married, Kennedy being born, and how angry I used to get with my father.

And I think it's an amazing thing how much I changed. I used to be so angry - why? Was it because I was being emotionally abused on a daily basis and under the stress of being a first year teacher? Was I just a total grump? Perhaps it was because I had not yet discovered the bliss of anti-depressants??

Anyway, if you like what I write, you might like to read what I used to write. Adolescent ranting aside, the witty, sarcastic banter is worth a glance or two.


ps - It's also nice to know that some things don't change. My favorite thing to do is still stay home, watch Gilmore, and eat Mac N Cheese.


Kimberly said...

Crap, now I have something that will absorb all my non-existent free time. Just what I needed. Thanks.

emilysuze said...

Now that I'm a SAHM, I have plenty o' time to stalk people online and read what they written. Hooray for me!