Tuesday, March 24, 2009

that's what she said

I was going to post about the possibility of losing my job at my current school and being surplussed to a new one, but instead I'm going to share this little scene from my classroom.

We're bringing the Poetry Unit to a close by practicing some Asian styles of poetry. Yesterday, my kids were writing "Shi" poems, which is a type of traditional Chinese poetry.

Me: Your poem will work best if you just chose one subject. Remember, Asian poets are famous for writing about scenes in nature or things that are 'natural', so when you're trying to pick a subject, consider natural inspirations.

Student: Can I write about masturbation?

Me: (Silence) Well ... (silence)

**At this point, none of the kids in the room seems freaked out by what he said. They were all just looking at me. I figured if anyone knew the meaning behind 'masturbation', they'd be overwhelmed with giggles.**

Me: Do you know what that means? (Then after quick thought) Just answer 'yes' or 'no'.

Student: I overheard my mom on the phone. She was telling my dad to talk to my brother about it. Then my dad got pissed and she told him to stop freaking out because it's only natural.

Me: I tell you what. Go look it up in the dictionary. If you can figure out what it means and you still want to write about it, be my guest.

A few minutes later, after student poured through the dictionary, he timidly raised his hand.

Student: Uh, Miss L? Can I change my subject? Please?

Budget cuts: $15 million
Teachers loosing jobs at my school: 12
Moments like this: priceless!


emilysuze said...

That's way too funny!

Keep us updated on the possibility of you being surplussed. It drives me crazy that people still say that teaching is a solid career that will never face cutbacks. Tell that to the teachers being surplussed, laid off, and just not able to find a job, period. Ugh. I hate money and jobs and being worried about both.

Heather said...

This story made me LOL! And we can mutually stalk one another on blogger...it will be fun! :)