Friday, December 24, 2010

a christmas miracle

So far this Christmas break, I babysat my best friend's three month old infant and played disc golf. I am still alive. Where are the wise men with gifts? Just sayin.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

things that are inappropriate

1. Wearing a shirt, sweatshirt, or any cover variation on top of a pair of leggings that does not hang past your butt. Tunics, ladies! Wear a tunic, not a tshirt.

2. Standing too close to someone when you are in line to pay for something. Back up off me and my debit card!

3. Sharing too much information about your pregnancy/delivery on facebook. Do I really need to how many centimeters you are dilated? Your cervix, your business. And don't get me started on the mucous plug.

4. Asking people you haven't seen in awhile, "So, you're still not married?" Seriously? Do you not have ANY manners?

If all these things would stop happening, we just might be able to make the world a smidgeon better. Just a little Christmas wishlist, from you, to me.