Friday, January 14, 2011

death to debbie downer

Why do people feel the need to bring people down? Can't you just keep your mouth shut?

Me: I'm so excited! I'm getting a new foster dog next week.

Co-Worker 1: Why would you do that? The last one tore up your blinds.

Co-Worker 2: There goes all your freedom!

Co-Worker 3: A basset hound? It's going howl while you're at work all day.

Co-Worker 4: Shelter dogs always come with problems, anyways. Good luck.

It's pretty hard to just smile and nod when inside you are screaming, "Screw you, assholes!"



emilysuze said...

lol I have to admit, that when I read your post about the new foster puppy, I thought, "I hope this one doesn't have gas." :) Enjoy the new guy!

Laurie said...

Good Lord. That's ridiculous. Anyway - I am sorry you didn't see ME...I'd have said, "How cool is that?! Lucky you...and lucky dog!"