Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm pissed

So, I called home on one of my students today. I'm kind of dismayed. This kid has behavior issues. He won't sit still, he won't pay attention, he won't stop talking. Granted, he is in a less-than-stellar class. By far, he is not the worst. However, he is not making it better.

His mother's response?

"He's such a sweet boy. He told me that you let your class run all over you and that he feels bad for you. I asked him Why you don't discipline them more?"

Give me a break.

Is he a sweet child? Yes, I am sure he can be. But I wouldn't call home if there wasn't an issue. If he feels sorry for me, why does he add to the problem? Furthermore, I challenge this parent to come be in a room with 33 teenagers and not have one single issue.

Lately, I feel like they have been running all over me. I'm just tired. I tried positive reinforcement. I tried being strict. I tried giving them boundaries and setting expectations. I did everything every expert has ever written or said. Nothing works. This class is just too full of kids who won't behave. And I am over it.

I am embarrassed that this student noticed it and pointed it out to his parents. These kids have left me no choice. I called 10 parents, emailed 4 more, and went to the dean to let her know I'm not playing around.

I hope it gets better. Because I'm starting to hate my job, and I hate that.



emilysuze said...

I went to the Scholastic Book Fair at the elementary school on base and it made me miss all of the fun parts of teaching. Your post is a stark reminder of the reality of teaching. Hopefully things get better!

Yours Truly said...

hey..donn hate your job for the wrong reasons.Everything will be fine soon.Stop worrying too much.Hope you find a way out to sort out your messy class.Good luck girl.