Wednesday, November 7, 2012

christmas challenge, accepted

I love Christmas! Who doesn't, besides Scrooge. And the Grinch. And Atheists. Well, okay. I know that I love Christmas so that's what matters.

Also...I do secretly love Christmas shopping. There's just something obnoxiously American about the mall at Christmas time that warms my heart.

However, I have a bad habit of spending too much at Christmas. I also hate the waste that comes with it. Consumerism, patriotic though it may be, can leave a bad taste in your mouth. And a hole in your wallet.

Therefore (or ergo, as I love to say) I announce my Christmas challenge. I am challenging myself to make my Christmas gifts. I don't think I'll be able to make everyone's. (Example: Anthony Bourdain is coming to Jacksonville in the spring and if I make a ticket for Jon, he can't exactly use it to attend. Even if it's, like, a really crafty interpretation.)

But I think I can handle making most of my presents. There are lots of fun tutorials I want to try on Pinterest. So let's see what kind of homemade crap I can unload on my relatives! :D


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