Thursday, December 13, 2007

laundry list

These are the top ten things I should be doing at the moment:

10. Laundry. Seriously, the dirty clothes pile grew legs and tried to suffocate me last night.
9. National Boards. This process is the equivalent of 9 graduate credit hours. I've only got until March 31st. Yikes!
8. Making my Lunch. I've been eating out for a week. Not good for my bank account or my booty.
7. Crying. Have you watched the news lately? Aids in Africa, global warming, Republicans making gains in Iowa. Kleenex must be making a killing.
6. Reading. I lecture the kids about this every day. Read more and you will learn more. But who wants that?
5. Painting. I haven't bought a drop of paint yet, but I've got the colors for my house all picked out. Too bad I hate painting.
4. Calling a Doctor. I've had some severe back pain, and my joints are getting worse as time goes by. Who knew twenty-six was when I'd start falling apart?
3. Returning Phone Calls. My sisters, my long-lost friends, my we-talk-once-a-month buddies are all being sadly neglected.
2. Volunteering. I'm sure someone somewhere needs my help with something.

and the number one thing I should be doing right now is...

1. Vacuuming. Seriously, I live with the world's hairiest mutt. If only I my childhood hadn't been a series of fights about dog hair, I might loathe this chore slightly less. It's a pretty anticlimactic ending to the list. I know.

But who needs to DO ANYTHING when you have free wireless Internet, a collection of Gilmore DVDs, a burrito and some cookie dough?

My life?



Pete Moss said...

Kleenex is owned and operated by Republicans so cheer up.

steph said...

ha ha, i just wrote a blog about lists