Sunday, March 16, 2008

oh happy day

My Saturday:

Woo hoo! Seafood Festival today! Can't wait to devour a fried sea creature of some sort.

Wait. The only crowd I see is a pack of homeless guys. Where is the festival? Maybe I should walk down to 3rd Street and find one of the street-light banners.

Ah. Right. Good thing this festival is actually scheduled for next weekend.

Alright. Day not ruined. No need to panic. What's that I see in the distance? Why, it's the Jacksonville Beach pier! People are fishing and watching the surfers. Awesum. I shall join them. (And, coincidentally, stop using the word 'shall'.)

Ok. There's a gate. A cashier. Looks like you have to pay a dollar to walk on the pier. And I don't carry cash.

This is grrrreat, only, not in the Frosted Flakes manner I would much rather prefer in this moment.

Screw you, beaches! I am going downtown!

Where to? Who knows. Over the Matthews and through the ghetto, to...something...we go. What's this street? Duval Street? As in (say it with me) Doooooooooooo-vaallllll, the county in which I so proudly reside? Make that turn.

Ah! The Downtown Public Library. Find parking garage. Get parking validated, feel so urban. Wander aimlessly. Fall haphazardly into nonfiction section. Sit cross-legged on the floor and read Hunter S. Thompson for an hour.

Regain feeling in legs (pins and needles!) and take elevator the first floor. Who knew my favorite beaches coffee shop can also be found in the public library? Order delicious Irie Sandwich (heavenly combination or turkey, swiss, green apples and Dijon mayo) and eat in library's adorable courtyard. Read Skirt. Watch people.

Drive home happy.

Yay for having more time to spend in Jacksonville.


emilysuze said...

Sounds like a full and satisfying day. :)

Kimberly said...

I feel like I'm in your head when you write, which is awesum. And I shall continue to be in your head as often as possible. Also, I NEED one of those sandwiches, they sound amazing.

GatorGirlintheCity said...

I miss days like that! It's fun to discover new places! Have you been up to Fernandina Beach? That's a fun place to aimlessly wander too.