Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i can't wait for april 09

... because almost everything I buy for Jamaica is a tax deduction.

And I have a long list. It's

Fundraising Alert:

I sent out letters to my friends and family asking for support in purchasing my plane ticket. The cost of the trip was $2000 and does not include air fare. My plane ticket was $400. I only had enough for half the ticket. I appealed to my wonderful friends and family for support. I sent out enough letters so that if half the people responded with the amount I was asking, it would equal $200. The response was overwhelming. My friends and family sent enough to cover the entire cost of the ticket and renewal of my passport (additional $100). I am so wonderfully blessed and lucky and a whole other world of thankful emotions. From the bottom of my heart - thank you, thank you, thank you.

Other Tax-Deductible News:

Check out my friend Karla's fundraising page by clicking on the widget to the left. She's raising money for First Coast No More Homeless Pets - am amazing organization working to educate and help the public spay and neuter their pets. This is the one of the best ways to help stop the euthanizing of thousands of adoptable animals a day. If you feel inclined, send Karla and FCNMHP some love.

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emilysuze said...

It is so amazing that your friends and families helped you out with your fundraising venture! There are some truly amazing people out there and you are one of them.