Friday, May 1, 2009

simple as 1-2-3

Use each letter of the alphabet to name an adjective about yourself:

I am:

Apocalyptic when I don't eat enough carbs
Bored when I get home from work
Creative when I'm in the mood
Ditzy about 75% of the time
Energetic with the right people
Forgetful when it comes to due dates
Grateful for my friends and family
Hot hottie hot in my new brown bikini
Intensly passionate about my political views
Jealous when I'm dating someone
Klutzy, hence my glorious non-sports career
Listless on a Friday night
Mammoth booty is in my possession
Nutritious only about 4 days out of each month
Omnipotent over nothing, sadly
Possessive over my friends
Quizzical in nature
Rough around the edges
Sarcastic, sarcastic, no really, sarcastic
Tenacious in my pursuit of happiness
Ubiquitous in my travels
Voluminous hair when the time is right
Wary of strangers
Young at heart but not in mind
Zesty when served in the right salad.

Fun! I tag everyone. Love, WG


emilysuze said...

How come you're so good at finding interesting and unique adjectives to describe yourself? I might try this one...but I feel lameness coming on if I were to try...

The Working Girl said...

You can do it! Hello... L=Lame you're on the way!