Tuesday, August 10, 2010

gettin' old

This Friday, my sister will turn thirty on the same day my father turns sixty. She was born on his 30th birthday. Trippy, right?

I don't know if they are ready for this birthday or not. Personally, I was always jealous of this bond. I didn't share a birthday with anyone; not that as the youngest of three girls I was really that great at sharing.

But still, I wanted a piece of that story. To know that exciting day happened before I was even a thought in my parents' minds used to drive me crazy.

It wasn't until I hit 28 that I truly felt like an "adult". Somewhat ridiculous, seeing as how I started my career at 22 and bought my house at 24. Retirement plans and mortgage payments - how much more adult can I get? However, becoming the grand old age of 28 hit me from no where.

All of the sudden, there is this enormous pressure. Not necessarily to get married or have babies or any of that, but just this pressure to DO SOMETHING AMAZING before I get to the point of being married and having babies. (Or having lots of puppies instead. I'm still undecided.)

As adult as I feel, I still sometimes feel like a kid. Yesterday, while checking my mail, I tripped on the sidewalk and skinned my knee. All I wanted was a Barbie band-aid and a hug from my mom. All I got was a sideways glance from my neighbor and a loud meow from my cat.

If you stop feeling young, are you destined to always feel old? When did all of this happen, anyway?



Marlette :) said...

I think 28 is the magical number ... I had a similar "moment" after turning 28 ... suddenly it all felt so adult-like.

PlaysOneonTV said...

For whatever reason, 28 is like the magic adult age. I've noticed, too, that when an elder asks your age and you say 27, it's often followed by a, "but you're still a baby!" At 28, it's just "oh."