Monday, September 6, 2010

so I made out with Harry Potter

Friday night sucked.

But Saturday night?


I was just sick of hiding at home, worry I'd run into certain people when I go out. I wanted to dance and make out with a boy. That's it. Just some vodka, smooching, and booty-shaking. Simple enough, right?

I went to a new bar in town. Multiple sips of my beloved vodka followed. The DJ blasted cheesy pop music; I danced my heart out.

Then, I saw a cute guy. I smiled. Next thing I knew, we were making out on the dance floor. He was an incredibly good-looking dude who's name I couldn't keep straight. I called him Harry Potter because of his glasses. When he asked if I was ready to leave with him, I said "Just give me one minute." Then I danced out the side door and left him clueless at the bar.

It was so easy.



emilysuze said...

Always classy, never trashy--even when there's a cute HP wanting to take you home. :)

wiki-san said...

awesome ... I want to dance!

J said...

That is AWESUM!!!