Tuesday, April 12, 2011

striking a match

Last night, CB and I were having dinner at one of my favorite beach restaurants. Fish tacos. Um num num.

Fish tacos made me think back to my match.com profile. I wrote about my love of fish tacos and my hatred of raw onions. I also wrote about how I loathe road construction and secretly live for celebrity gossip. Not entirely substantial, but enough to get me a wink from CB.

I saw his profile and thought, "Ok. I'll give him a shot." Truth be told, I almost didn't respond. (To my credit, he was listed as a Conservative Catholic. 'Nuff said.)

But I wrote back, and ever since then, it's as if he's been in my life forever. He's my best friend. I just have fun when I'm with him. I want to be around him. Prior relationships in my life were just about the companionship or the self-esteem boost I got from knowing someone liked me. Something always missing. But what?

With CB, I found it. Whatever it might be, we have it. So, with a mouthful of fish tacos, I looked at him and thought, "How cool is it that we found each other?"



emilysuze said...

You're such a romantic. :) And the two of you are seriously cute together!

Rockabilly Hippie said...

I agree with emilysuze!