Friday, April 15, 2011

if you have kids, you must

read this blog.

It is written by a woman who wrote the definition for "best friend." Luckily, her BFF is me. Her blog is full of helpful hints for moms. She says that moms need a friend in their corner when they are being given advice from a million other sources.

So don't be scared to ask her a question. Trust me, Hilary is not a person who judges. (She leaves that up to me.) I plan to give her my children to raise them from infancy to age five. If they turn out anything like her three beautiful babies, I'll be happy.

I am also quite happy that her oldest, one Miss Kennedy Lindsay, is so much like her namesake. She's a tiny pig-loving, grudge-holding, emotion-emoting child.

Of course, she is also gorgeous and brilliant. Again, she gets that from me.

Her big heart? That's all from mom.


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