Monday, December 17, 2012

why i'm quitting facebook ... for now

I can't take it anymore.

Twenty children and their teachers were murdered.

And you want to talk about your right to own a gun.

I really hope my dad isn't reading this, because I'd like to share my sentiments:


No one wants to take away your stupid hand gun. No one wants to take away your shot gun. But I, for one, think that no one, for any good reason, needs a semi-automatic weapon.

If you want one, get help.

They are killing machines. They are not designed to protect you. They are designed with one purpose in mind - death.

And what is with this idiotic notion that school shootings would go away if teachers had guns? Seriously? You think kids can't overpower adults and take weapons? More importantly, you think a child will feel safe learning from someone with a gun on their hip? Fucking idiots.

Stop using this opportunity to criticize the President and give your opinion. Shut the fuck up and realize THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU! Of course the grieving families need to hear that something will be done. It's the President's job to comfort the nation. If you can't sleep at night knowing that you aren't allowed to own a damn machine of human destruction, you need more than a gun. You need professional help.

May God bless the souls of the little children who were lost, the teachers who died protecting them, the families who are empty without them, and the people who think this tragedy is somehow going to hurt them because they won't be allowed to purchase a weapon that can rip (pun intended) a person apart.

And I hope my dad forgives me for saying fuck so many times.



M. Mikashukii said...

You are wrong about several things. Gun are tools. Same as knives and other sorts of things. guns are a tool designed to stop, disable, and or kill living things. They can also be used to breach locked doors by law enforcement, and stop people in their tracks by using a threat. If you took away everyone's guns then the only ones with guns would be the bad guys. Sure school shooting would not stop if teachers had guns, but they sure as hell wouldnt be nearly as often. people target schools because there are high amounts of unarmed people that could endanger their "mission". Sick people that carry out these terrible acts of violence want a high body count, and places where you know people are unarmed are perfect targets. The past 3 major mass shootings have been at places where, by law, guns are outlawed. Concealed carry permits say you cannot carry into movie theaterews or schools. And no kids wont overpower adults for their gun. If they want to have a gun, they will bring a gun, like we saw in columbine.

Think about this. If somebody broke into your house and you had nothing to defend yourself, what would stop them from hurting you, your family, and taking all of your things? nothing. Unless you had a weapon you know how to use.

You are also wrong in the mentality that nobody needs a semi-automatic gun. People dont need fully automatic weapons like machine guns unless they have a valid reason. This is why the U.S. government issues permits for the posession of these military-grade weapons. The I dont see the issue with everybody wanting to outlaw AR-15's and other assult weapons. The people who did the school and theatre shootings also had shotguns and pistols. The Newtown shooter fired 200+ rounds and really did not have a high hit ratio. That is people miss more frequently with assault rifles.

It is the Obama administration's fault that tighter gun laws are coming into effect across the country people he said we need tighter gun laws. People listen to him and it is up to the voters to decide. I am personally still in high school and I would feel much safer if my teachers were armed. There is 1 Student Resource Officer at my school, and it only takes 1 bullet to stop him. I feel vulernable going to school daily because of the fact that the school is a gun-free zone. This means if you bring a gun, you are breaking the law. Clearly if you want to kill people, you will not care about the law.

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