Friday, June 1, 2007


Well....I didn't buy any clothes in the month of May! I resisted every temptation. I avoided every sale. I drove past my favorite stores. I...


I went shopping today.

Technically, it is June 1st. I just could not resist any longer. I did set some boundaries, though. I told myself I couldn't spend more than $50. I went to ROSS (which I usually avoid, because I don't like digging through the racks) and spend $40.27 on two shirts, one pair of jeans and a dress. I figured $40 on five things I will definitely wear more than once isn't too bad.

Yes, it is $40 I could have paid on my credit card. Yes, it is $40 further away from my goal of paying down my debt.

But the dress is really, really cute.

Until payday,


steph said...

ooh, will you be wearing one of these cute purchases out tonight??

The Working Girl said...

yea for new jeans!