Friday, June 1, 2007

To-Do List

Being out of work for two months (occupation hazard) leaves lots of free time. Here is what I plan to do today:

  1. Post Office. MUST mail the modem back to Internet company that had horrible service and was useless. Also, need to fill out change of address form...for some reason, my parents keep getting my mail!
  2. Bank. Need to deposit tax return check that has been burning a hole in my pocket.
  3. Mall. Fill out applications for jobs that I never had as a teenager but always wanted.
  4. Goodwill. Check and see if they have any cheap kitchen table and/or's been a year since I've lived in my house and am still without seating in that room.
  5. Eyebrow wax. Going out with my girls tonight, and I can't exactly execute the "look up, look down, aim" technique of tempting a man with two caterpillars on my forehead. It's a $7 indulgence this working girl can't give up.
  6. Laundry. The cat almost suffocated herself in the dirty clothes pile this morning.
  7. Vacuum. Summer = dog shedding = my carpet going from tan to black.
  8. Gas station. Crying at the pump for paying over $3 a gallon is imminent.
  9. Grocery store. Yea! Got $5 off Publix coupon in the mail yesterday. Perfect timing.
  10. Shave. Hairy legs are so last season.

Until payday,


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