Wednesday, May 30, 2007

cheap date

Jax Beach is the best place for free entertainment. Over Memorial Day, we stumbled upon JB's hidden night-life gem for ditch dwellers. Billy's Boathouse on Beach Blvd (near the marina) is the redneck epitome of a diamond in the rough. The conch fritters were fried to perfection and our waitress kept the cold beer flowing - I didn't even dock her tip for sporting an "I Heart FSU" tank top. AND - not only did we get to see the inner workings of a drug ring and amateur stripping...we did it to the musical styling of "Big Red" (a red-headed AARP-flag-waving rockin' guitarist in a wheelchair). This eclectic mix of half-dressed locals and PVBers who pulled up on yachts is only available in the 904 area code.

I know you wish I had Red's picture, but S and I are much cuter. Trust me.

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steph said...

we are totally sexier. and i love your car story! you are one lucky lady!!!