Saturday, May 5, 2007

am I a cheat???

Well, in order to save money, I don't have cable. But sometimes I think this works against me, because instead of spending a lazy Saturday watching some tv, I get out of the house. And shop.

But today I was very good...I think. I spent $16.54 at Target on: cat food (Zoey has to eat), dog biscuits (Puck's BFF), nail polish (goodbye pedi's!), a headband (face-washing necessity, I snapped my last one last night), a bottle of water (hmm, I bet those add up) and a box of weight watchers snack cakes (hard to find and on sale!). Afterwards, I went to Goodwill and spent $1.99 on a metallic vintage clutch. All items paid for in cash.

Lately, I find that I can justify my spending in any form. So, this is my justification for my $20 shopping spree this afternoon.

1. Cat food - Zoey needs to eat, she's my responsibility. If I don't feed her, I will get slapped with a hefty animal cruelty fine, which will end up costing me much more than the cat food. Plus, she will shoot me her trademark evil look.

2. Dog Biscuits - They make Puck so happy. Can you say no to this face?

3. Nail Polish - Remember my previous post about beauty being so expensive? I think $2.99 nail polish beats a $20 pedicure.

4. Headband - I use these religiously each night when I wash my face. I was down to one and it snapped last night. I paid $3.99 for four.

5. Bottle of Water - $1.09. I was thirsty.

6. WW Snack Cakes - They don't have the kind I like in Publix, and I would have bought something like this for my lunches anyhow.

7. Goodwill Purse - It was cute and I saw Emmy Rossum carrying a similar bag in Glamour. It was two bucks.

Ok, I throw myself upon the mercy of the courts. Did I cheat on my no clothes goal with the $2 purse? Am I justifying unnecessary spending? You be the judge.

Until payday,



GatorGirlintheCity said...

Let me know if you ever want to borrow movies or tv shows to watch!

steph said...

we still need to get pedicures sometimes!!!

The Working Girl said...

I toes are sad...and a funky shade of orange that is definitely not "passion peach" as the bottle claimed.

The Working Girl said...

Holy crap! This post is over a year old, and I carry that bag more than any other purse EVER. I also get mad compliments on it. Woo hoo for my $2 steal!