Monday, May 21, 2007

page turned

An interesting thing happened this weekend.

As mentioned earlier, I had to go to a wedding. Well, I was bound and determined not to spend a lot of dough on this wedding, seeing as how the last one I went to ending up costing me quite a bit. was a fancy affair and I had to look fabulous. So, I borrowed a dress from a friend (she moved to Africa and left a ton of clothes at her mom's house) and some jewelery from my stepmom.

So, with my FREE outfit in the bag, I thought it was smooth sailing as soon as I paid $3.09/gallon for gas to get out of town. HOWEVER...I realized Saturday morning that the shoes I planned on wearing to the wedding were the ones I wore yesterday to work and shoved in my desk when I switched them out for flip flops around 2pm. Needless to say, my work was locked and I didn't think the "I left my party shoes in my desk" excuse would get the boss to open up for me! What's a working girl to do?

I was forced to go shoe shopping.

Yes, people, I was forced!

I had no other shoes that would match. My only other option - stepmother - wears a size too small. I went to Payless and found some on sale for $7.99. Normally, I would be thinking "Score! Totally cute $8 shoes!" but instead, I found myself FUMING for having broken my "no shopping" rule for the month of May!!

Even though I didn't make it a whole month (I thought about returning them, but I wore them all night and I'd feel guilty) without buying something unnecessary for my closet - I guess an $8 pair of shoes that I will definitely wear again isn't the worst thing that can happen. I also think it is progress that I found myself angry over spending the $8, whereas a month ago, I would have spent well over that amount on not just shoes - but an entire outfit. I'll take what I can get with this debt thing.

Oh. And the wedding was lovely.

Until payday,

ps -- I just reread my previous post where I said I was so depressed that I wanted to buy some shoes! Maybe Freud is right - there really is no such thing as an accident.

pps -- I did also have to spend money on an oil change. I used my $19.99 coupon at Jiffy Lube - which I ordinarily detest - but I had a great experience at the location on Atlantic just before the bridge. They are having a buy one oil change get one free promotion, and they mailed the paperwork off for me. It made the whole "spending money on a necessity" thing a lot less painful.

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