Sunday, May 13, 2007

I broke a rule...

I haven't posted at all this week! I know I said my goal was to post four times a week, and my last post was one week ago. I will, however, recap the week financially as such:

  • I did not eat out once from Sunday to Friday afternoon. I am a regular freakin' lunchable.
  • I have not bought any clothes since May 1st! Even if you count the $1.99 purse from Goodwill, that still is a major accomplishment for me. I even borrowed and fell in love with a dress from one of my co-worker's daughters, who said I could hang on to it all summer!
  • I practiced wooing men with T this weekend, in hopes of getting lots of drinks purchased for my hot ass in the future.
  • Though he smells, I have not splurged on Puck's $20 trip to the groomers...yet.

Still waiting for my tax return check to come in the mail...any idea how long that thing takes? Is it four to six weeks...or more like eight to ten?

Until payday,


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The Working Girl said...

Incidentally, I still have that $1.99 purse. I use it every single day and get constant compliments. I refer to it as simply "vintage". Best buy ever!