Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Hate Money!

Why do we constantly try to live outside our means? Why do we justify spending money on things we don't need? Why do we need things to make us happy? And why do I keep saying "we" when I really mean "me"??

My goal for the month of May is not to buy any clothes. I am a clotheswhore. This will be especially difficult, seeing as how I must attend an Ocala wedding and by definition I must look fabulous. Perhaps I will have to borrow fabulous.

Two days down, twenty-eight to go!!

Until PD,

ps--I paid half the balance on one of my credit-cards today!!! It was the smallest balance, but it felt good! Next month the whole amount will be gone!!!!!!!


steph said...

baby steps! no clothes, i will go in on it with you!

The Working Girl said...

read my next blog to see how I plan to combat my decision.