Sunday, April 29, 2007

work, work, work

Yuck. I have to get a part-time job this summer. I teach, so I don't work in the months of June, July, and into August. But that doesn't make my bills go away! I've applied to teach summer school, but the dates might conflict with the conference I've been planning for two years now. My heart is very attached to this conference and no way will I miss it!

Therefore, incase summer school falls through, I need to find a job that will

a. Pay me a decent wage
b. Allow me flexible scheduling
c. Not make me want to compulsively yawn
d. Not offer fabulous things I will want to buy with my employee discount

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hmm...a library?


a bagger at a grocery store??

A tanning salon so you get free tans??

A gym so you get free membership??

That's it...I'm out of ideas.

steph said...

well, the sylvan thing works well for me...then we could work together! i go in next wednesday afterschool, should i inquire for you?

The Working Girl said...

sure...why not!!