Monday, April 16, 2007

Day One - Discoveries

My day started and ended with money...and it was still a great day! Shocking, I know.

Here's the scoop:

I woke up early to go to my CPA's office. I know, I know - I've had months to file for my tax return, but you see, I had a plan. I purposefully waited as long as possible, in order to delay my return. It is important that I get the money closer to summer and not be tempted to spend it. I will not have my normal biweekly income this summer, and having this extra chunk in the bank will be a huge help. (Feel free to exude multiple "bullshit" coughs as you continue to read.) So, of course, I waited until the last possible minute to file my tax return!!

Well, the truth is, I forgot.

Yes, I forgot that the government owed me one-thousand twenty-three dollars and seventy-eight cents. I forgot until the last possible minute.

So, I found myself driving halfway downtown at 8:30 this morning with some more of my paperwork that I didn't know the CPA would need, and that I could not find until last night. Now do you believe I have a problem?

However, finding out my return would be a smooth grand was a nice surprise. Also, she cut me a very good deal for her services. Now, I realize that paying someone to do your taxes can decrease the amount you get in return, but paying her $100 to find the $400 I wouldn't have known about still puts me $300 ahead of the game. I have decided to apply the total of my tax return to my debt.

Mid-day, I did notice one trend at work that is slightly disturbing. Well, it depends on how you look at it, but for my "debt free in one year" plan, it just aint gonna work. It became apparent to me that several times throughout the day I considered spending money on my..."co-workers". (Sorry I can't be more descriptive - this is the internet). If they needed something that my "office" would not supply, I thought, "Oh, I'll just buy it myself." Today, one of my co-workers who has been out for five weeks returned, and I thought, "I bet she would love to have a pizza party during lunch to celebrate her coming back!" And just who was going to plan and pay for this, of course! This has been a habit of mine since the first day I've been at this job. Granted, the "office" gives me a check at the beginning of the year and I do get to claim some of it on my taxes...but it doesn't begin to add up to the amount I spend on these "co-workers" of mine. Yikes!

The end of my day was full of monetary surprises, too, but in a much better way. Searching through my "junk drawer" I found the following:

  • A rebate offer from cingular for $50 that I have yet to mail
  • A check for $40 from my job for some extra work that I have yet to cash
  • $8.14 in change, inside an actual piggy bank
  • A receipt for the "decorative sphere" that I bought and then immediately regretted at Kohl's, which I have placed in the passenger seat of my car for a return tomorrow after work for an additional $5.99

which brings my grand total of money laying around the house to...$104.13! And according to Rule #4, I will apply this money to my credit card debt.

I hope I get this lucky tomorrow!

Until payday,

Working Girl


Beer Dude said...

i love the goals and the fact you had checks lying around!! good luck, you can do it! and i hope that co-worker wasn't a peer, but rather a member of your.....small groups, five weeks???

steph said...

sorry, that was me -- i didn't realize pete was signed in!