Friday, April 20, 2007

$exy $tuff

(Daddy, let me just apologize in advance. I'm still your little girl. Although I'm really proud of you for reading your email and following my link to get to this page, I think it is best you stop reading now!)

I'm just curious - why does my Google ad read "Are you gay? Click here to find out!"

These ads are supposed to be based on the content of your blog. So I guess reading Jane magazine and getting pedicures raised the big red lesbian flag on me.

But sex is related to money. Take it from the girl who had an orgasm when she realized payday was, in fact, today, and not next week. Now there's something to talk about around the water cooler.

Until (the next) payday,
Working Girl

ps - Hmm...I wonder what my Google ads will look like tomorrow after using the words sex, money, orgasm, and big red lesbian. Definitely something worth clicking on!


steph said...

how did you get payday today? i'm jealous!!! my google ads are consistently asking if i am an alcoholic, so there is that.

i feel better! i think it was the yoga. call you tomorrow!

The Working Girl said...

Glad you're better! Now my google as is for Christian Debt Counseling service...I don't know how well google screens : )