Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the goldenest girl

I never paid attention to my body when I was younger. If I got sick, I didn't make the connection that a certain food made me sick. Headaches were just something that happened. It wasn't until I lost almost 50 pounds that I began paying attention to how food/lifestyle affects my body.

Honestly, it makes me feel like an old lady! What makes me feel like an even older lady is the fact that I'm going to share it with you. Maybe I'm channeling my dad's mom, who used to call and leave messages on our answering machine that ended with, "Got to go, love, I've got a touch of the runs!" (She was British, so be sure to read it in an accent.)

Here's to you, Nan! And here are some things I've come to know as truth about my body:

1. I should never, ever consume raw broccoli. Just the thought of eating raw broccoli induces painful gas spasms.
2. Using healthy oils clears up my skin better than ProActiv. I try to get 2 tsp a day of EVOO.
3. White bread might as well be called intestinal glue.
4. White wine creates a worse hangover than expensive vodka.
5. Naproxen sodium kicks ibuprofen's ass when it comes to period cramps.
6. A headache occurs for three reasons. An all-over headache means I'm dehydrated. A headache that creates pressure around my eyes means sinuses. A headache when I wake up means I didn't follow rule 4.
7. My tan fades, my tan lines stay forever.
8. My hair is easier to manage if I allow it to air-dry to 10-15 minutes before blow-drying.
9. Fiber is the best weight management weapon.
10. Drinking caffeine after going awhile without it makes me nauseous.

When did I get so old? Beware of a future post about my morning beauty regiment! Sheesh.

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