Thursday, May 15, 2008

a mini-lesson in irony

Is it okay to be a little pissed when your ex-boyfriend (who never uploaded any pictures with you to his myspace/facebook when you were dating) suddenly uploads a bunch of new pictures of himself ... that you took? Pictures from trips he took with you ... only no one else would ever know you were even there because he's standing alone in every photo? Is it okay to be just a little pissed about that?

I guess that's why we broke up. I guess he was too self-absorbed.


(hee, hee)

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thetomboyeffect said...

boys are so silly. or dumb. never actually decided. i wanted to be cool like you and kimberly so i got my own blog.
come check me out baby, no dumb boy self-absorption tactics on my page ever. I promise.