Monday, December 1, 2008

birthday surplus

Super thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes on my birthday. It definitely makes a difference to know that people who love and care about you are thinking of you on your special day! I had a WONDERFUL birthday thanks to my friends, family, and some Latin spice! I promise to post pictures soon, whenever I find the cord that goes to my camera.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving. I'm giving thanks for my parents, who forced me to buy new tires. This tire-buying was incentive for me to clean out my car (ironically, I didn't want the mechanics to see it looking so dirty) for the first time in years. It took over four hours, but I got Macura the Acura back to her glory day standards. As a bonus, the friendly guys at Ocala Tire Service filled my new tires with nitrogen for free! I don't know what that means, but I was psyched to get something free. Yay! Free Nitrogen! Woo!!!

If you are bored reading about my blog, check out what my kids are up to.

The WG


thetomboyeffect said...

so nitrogen is gas that makes your tires leak less fast...according to Marlette. I really wanted to see you but fell asleep and had to work the evil consumer driven disgusting day of superficiality that is known as black friday so I couldn't stick around. BUT, when school is over i will have time. I have no concept of what that is going to be like but my number one goal is getting up to Jax to see you!!!! PKMF!!!!

emilysuze said...

Hooray for free nitrogen! :)