Sunday, December 14, 2008

i googled you

When did "google" become a verb? Now, don't get me wrong. I love google. Who doesn't? But being told that you were "googled" is an interesting experience. Especially when you are on a date.

I actually think google can be a dating barometer. How much do I like this person? Am I curious enough to google them? If they admit they googled me, am I creeped out? Impressed? Do I need to google this question to find the answer?

Interestingly enough, someone admitted to me last night that I had been googled. He said he found some articles I'd written on . (I use helium when I am bored in the summer time, or when I can't think of something to blog about.) Then he says, "That one article you wrote, the one called "Me, myself and men", I was cracking up all day over that one."

My brain began to race. Hmm? What was that article about? Oh crap! Did I write about all my failed relationships? Did I publicly claim Puck as the great love of my life? What insane man theory of mine did I publish on the internet and attach my name to?

This morning I googled myself to find the answer.

My article was about farting.

I wrote about boys. I wrote about farting. And my date read all about it!

You can read all about it, too. You don't even have to google me. Just click here.

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