Tuesday, December 16, 2008

on the naughty list

We're playing Secret Santa at work. All day yesterday, I kept peeking at my mailbox, anxiously awaiting my first gift of the week. Finally, after lunch, I noticed a bright red package sitting inside.

The tag read:

I'm Your Santa! Well, actually, I'm your Secret Santa, but there weren't any books with that title. Tawdry Romances may not be your genre of choice but give this book at try. I share your love of reading, so who am I?

I opened the package to find a bright, green paperback titled I'm Your Santa. After reading the back of the book, I guessed this was a typical chick lit type romance. I innocently flipped open to a random page and began to read.

Um, words like thrust, throb, grab, moan, desire, heat, and passion, mixed in with lexicon for various body parts, was not what I expected to see! In shock, I threw the book on my desk and took three steps back. I looked around to make sure I was alone - I couldn't be seen reading this type of thing at work!!! I tiptoed back to my desk and flipped to another page. Eek! It was more of the same, only this time with nipples. I shoved the book to the bottom of my purse and tried to collect myself before 5th period.

Now I'm wondering if my Secret Santa intended for me to receive this dirty gift, or if they innocently thought, like me, that this was just a chick lit book for a beach day? I can't wait to see who my Santa turns out to be. I hope that Santa really isn't a pervert, but with teachers, you never know!

ps - Remember this blog in case I die. If they clean out my house, I don't want people to think I bought that book to read. Even if the some of the pages are bookmarked ;)


Kimberly said...

OMG I just laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Thank you for that.

emilysuze said...

Those dirty, dirty school teachers! lol