Thursday, October 15, 2009

the eternal student rears her pretty head

I miss school.

You might be thinking: Um, you're a teacher. How can you miss the place you go every day?

But, I do.

I miss thinking, learning. I miss the challenge. I miss discovering something new.

I don't miss eating junk food, being poor, or working full time while taking 17 credit hours. I don't miss wanting to curl up in a ball and die and the end of every semester. I don't miss the lingering adolescent emotions that make you want to curl up in a ball and die, either.

I love learning - shouldn't I want to learn about learning? Shouldn't I get my master's degree in education? But my heart belongs to my words. I want to prove that my talent didn't go to waste. I want to see a book with my name on the cover.

I can't do it without help. I need a push, a deadline, and most importantly, a teacher.

Dilemma: either enroll in a 50K writing program over three years while teaching OR take two years off from teaching and enroll in graduate program.

What ever will I do?


emilysuze said...

It's a hard choice to make since they're both good options. It's taken me five years to decide what to do about graduate school and it's only now, that I can't find a job, that I've been pushed into the right direction.

Can you do the graduate program and still teach? Nova has a great online program that a lot of my teacher friends completed when I worked out at Dunnellon.

The Working Girl said...

I don't really want to do anything online. There are summer programs, but they are just as, if not more, expensive than going to school full time. Also, I'm just ready to move. I'm trying to keep my options open.

What are you doing for grad school?

emilysuze said...

I feel you about the online thing, but for me, it's the only option. I'm applying to UW's MLIS program which is ranked no. 3 in the nation. Very competitive and they only allow a select few students to complete the coursework online. I played up the Navy wife thing so I'm hoping they accept me. I'm nervous though. It's been so long since I've actually done real school work and written more than a facebook status.

What about your condo if you moved? If you can swing the student loans, I'd just take two years off and go back to school. I miss being in the classroom and being a student instead of the teacher.

The Working Girl said...

I'm hoping to rent out my condo. It's so near to UNF and on a strip with lots of nice apartment buildings. I can rent for a comprable price.

I can see how online would work best for you as a Mommy. They'd be crazy not to take you. The summer programs I'm looking at are intensive over the summer and then online during the school year. They are tailored to teachers, but I just feel like I'll be racking up as much in debt as I would not teaching for two years. Cah-num-drum.

The writing will come back to you. It's like riding a bike.