Tuesday, October 6, 2009

scalp FAIL

I was so excited when my girlfriends Erin and Jen decided we should go to the Jags game on Sunday. Woo! Football! Tailgating! Beer! All things I enjoy. Ever the planner, I wanted to buy tickets ahead of time. No, they assured me, we've scalped before. It's so easy and much cheaper. Reluctantly, I agreed.

In my game day gear, I picked up the ladies and we headed downtown to the stadium. Looking super cute in our black, white and teal, we approached the stadium gates to "buy" our tickets.

Well, someone forget to tell the scalpers that the entire purpose of scalping a ticket to a game that isn't sold out is to get it cheaper than what you'd pay at the window. No one would sell for under fifty bucks.

I tried everything: the coy smile, the hair twirl, the low cut shirt, the "I'm a teacher" line. All my best tricks. No results. Those punks were still walking around at the end of the first quarter refusing to go below $50. FAIL.

We ended up chowing down at the Hooters in the Landing and watching other games since, NEWSFLASH SCALPERS, the Jags didn't sell enough tickets in the first place to have a televised game.

It's okay, though. We still had a lot of girly fun. Next time we plan to take advantage of the teacher discount and buy our $30 tix ahead of time!


ps - I realize ticket scalping is illegal. Don't arrest me - we didn't do it! :)

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emilysuze said...

You can't beat chicken wings and boob shirts when faced with football failure.