Thursday, October 8, 2009

monthly marathon UPDATE

Well, if you've been tracking my progress to the left (Like Forrest Gump) you can see my goal came and went! I tried to run 26 total miles in 30 days. I did not meet my goal. I am short by 3 miles. However, I did try really hard and in all honesty, I made it further than I expected. So, even though I didn't finish the "marathon" in 30 days, I did...
  • push myself not to stop until I could run almost all the way down Hodges
  • look forward to running
  • stalk a neighbor until I found the community gym
  • sign up to run a breast cancer 5k
  • learn that my body can do a lot more than I thought

I think, more than anything, I'm proud that I didn't give up even though I knew at the end I would not make it. WG + Running = friends. I feel powerful.

So, goal not met...YET! I'm going to give myself until the weekend to get those three miles done, and then it's off to my new goal: NaNoWriMo.



emilysuze said...

Way to go! Your commitment to your goal kicked my commitment to my goal's ass. I went to the gym once during September. However, I did go on Prozac so I'm not feeling so stressed out about my chubbiness. :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the Teacher of the Year award blog? I want details. I demand details. Please inform me....