Thursday, June 24, 2010

eLL oh eLL

I don't always open up to people, which is weird, considering I write this blog. People come here to read about my love life, my therapy sessions, my headaches at work, my friendship drama, and things my pets do. Weird how I will share things with strangers, not others.

Well, some of you are strangers. Some of you are not. Some of you I see on a daily basis, some of you a monthly basis. Some of you, only once every few years when I am lucky.

For those who don't know me, one thing I can tell you about myself is this: I love to make people laugh. I like to be the giggle inducer, the snort producer, the guffaw enabler.

And so, I try to do that with my life. Whether the event in my life be happy/sappy/crappy, it's my goal to somehow make you smile with the stories I tell. I like to imagine you LOL'ing whilst you read. It makes my life seem less happy/sappy/crappy.

I'll leave you with this:

Me: Daddy, what do you think 'LOL' means?
Daddy: Lots of Love.
Me: No, it doesn't.
Daddy: Why not? L - O - L , Lots Of Love. Makes sense!
Me: Yeah, but that's not what it means. It means, Laughing Out Loud.
Daddy: Oh. I see.
Me: So, remember that text you sent me about grandma being back in the hospital? That's not really a message you should end with "LOL".
Daddy: No. It isn't. (Pause.) Can I ask you something?
Me: Shoot.
Daddy: What does 'LMAO' mean?
Me: Laughing My Ass Off. Wait - why?
Daddy: I don't think you want to know.



Alices Wonderland said...

That made my day. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Thanks for sharing. It makes my days : )

emilysuze said...

I'm currently lmao at your cute dad. :)

Phoenix said...

Ha ha ha my dad thought it was Lots of Love too. I'm pretty sure back in the day when chat rooms first came out that's what it did mean. And then all the kids in jr high got ahold of it because they're too lazy to spell (which includes me occasionally).

Amie said...

I love the conversations you share with us.
Now I want to know what he thought it meant. I can't think of anything, I'm going to fall asleep wondering about it as well seeing as this is the last thing I'm reading before bed. x

Jenni said...