Sunday, June 20, 2010

tales from therapy

Therapist: Thinking is your brain's way of trying to process emotions.

Me: My brain doesn't process. It only replays images in my head over and over again to scrutinize. No actual processing takes place. Just irrational, non-stop analyzing.

Therapist: So I'm guessing you don't use thinking as a relaxation technique.

Me: (Snort. Eye roll.)

Therapist: Well, we need to change your way of thinking.

Me: Good luck. Many Republicans have come before you with similar intent, and failed.

Therapist: I was thinking more along the lines of "emotional observation."

Me: What the fudge is that?

Therapist: Instead of saying, "Why did this person leave me" or "What did I do wrong", you should try just making a simple observation about your feelings.

Me: I feel this is awkward.

Therapist: Ok, now we are getting somewhere. So next time you think, "Why did MLL give up on our relationship", you should stop and say to yourself, "I feel disappointed. I did not see that coming."

Me: Whoa.

Therapist: Yes. If you can just label your emotion from the get-go, you won't drive yourself crazy with the questioning. The questioning leads to over-analyzing, which isn't helpful. Just label it from the start.

Me: I feel speechless.

Therapist: Much better. Except, we've got thirty more minutes, so you might think up something else to discuss.

Me: I feel pressured. I already told you about my ex-boyfriends and my dead mom. What else do you want?

Therapist: (Sigh. Eye Roll.)



Anonymous said...

Interesting. I might try that technique.

I hope therapy is helping, I think I made need therapy myself but it just seems kinda weird. I'll just follow along with your posts ;)

Heather said...

I need to try this the next time I start over analyzing every little thing (which will probably happen sometime in the next 24 hours).

J said...

Ever since we talked about this I've been trying it, and it definitely makes a difference. So when I'm on the verge of throwing a spatula the other day, I thought, "I am feeling insecure about my abilities as a chef and fearful that I will not be able to keep up as we get busy" And I felt better! AND I handled it!!!

The Working Girl said...

J- awesum! You had a sum of awe moment!