Monday, June 7, 2010

guilty pleasure

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. It's not something you let yourself have all the time, but something that's so worth it once you give in.

My list includes cereal with ice cold milk, trashy reality television, adolescent fiction novels and therapy.

Yes, therapy.

What is better than one whole hour of getting to talk about yourself to a stranger who is forced to listen? It's awesum.

Much like today's session:

Therapist: I hear you saying you don't trust men.

Me: Um, obviously. They lie. They have no follow-through. They can't apologize. They are cowards.

Therapist: How did you arrive at these conclusions?

Me: My past. Check your notes, dude, it's all over the place.

Therapist: You need to stop setting expectations for men. Understand that they are wimps when it comes to emotional conflicts. They tend to run away from these responsibilities. You need to give them permission to come forward with their feelings even if it will hurt you.

Me: Did you just tell me to give a man permission to be an asshole?

Therapist: You just told me that them lying to you and doing things behind your back made them assholes. Do you want them to be honest, or be deceitful?

Me: Are those really my only options? (Pause.) This is going to take longer than I thought.



Deeds said...

I <3 Therapy too. I remember telling my therapist during our first appointment to clear his schedule because we were going to be there a while.

buttehead said...

Sounds like you've been hanging around the wrong men. Maybe "men" is too kind a term. Stay clear of Florida and California guys. Beware bars. Have a firm idea of what you're really after. A guy who grew up with older sisters?

wiki-san said...

Therapy sessions are awesome ... Not going to lie. I've had a couple myself here and there, and you always seem to breath a little easier when your time is up.

Alices Wonderland said...

I totally agree about should be required for all females. When a girl is 12 and mom pulls out that box of tampons and pads to have "that talk", sessions of therapy should start right then and there. Almost as good as Gardetto chips.....almost.