Monday, February 25, 2008

dnt txt n blg

Inspired...or totally ripped off...from one of my favorite blogs:

Text Messages, Entry One:

- Took P Money to Barking Lot. Soon he be so fresh and so clean.

- I've been waiting at this office for 35 min. Guess how many babies are in my belly?

- 8th grade girls bathroom. Insider tip! Skippers hidin out.

- I just had to put medicine up my butt. What are you doing?

- Take off the camo undies and wave them around so I can see you.

- Cry you a river!

- Just had nightmare involving you and me and too much blue eyeshadow ... on you.

- I'm waiting for my eyebrow wax. Beauty is pain. Hairless pain.

- This demon spawn is trying to kill me.

- I love you Punchy. Go home. Sally will eat that shit up.

- If all else fails, wear tight pants.

- I just knocked up your BFF. What now??

- Yup. I have blue and orange hair.

- Vomit is not my friend.

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