Monday, February 18, 2008

fashion 101

When you apply for National Board Certification, you have to video tape yourself teaching. Today, I'm supposed to be watching my tape and analyzing my methods. I am told to ask myself these questions: Did I capitalize on those "teachable moments"? Did I facilitate or lecture? Are my students highly engaged? How do I ensure fairness and equity? Is my lesson challenging enough?

Want to know the only question running through my mind as I watch the tape?

Why did I wear those shoes?


Kimberly said...

Which shoes were you wearing? Because if they were bad enough I think it justifies a shoe shopping trip. :)

The Working Girl said...

Actually, they were my adorable red, strappy sandals. Appropriate for the beach, not so much the classroom. But my school is right on A1A, so I tend to get a little confused.