Sunday, September 21, 2008

NE Florida's Barack-Through

I'm so proud of Jacksonville!

Not only did we turn out to support Senator Obama at his pep rally yesterday, we turned out in a big way. Ten thousand people inside Metropolitan Park, and eight thousand crowded outside. We waited in the sun and the rain. We bought buttons and made tshirts. We high-fived and chanted and cheered. We welcomed neighbors from all over Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

And finally - he came!

Senator Obama's speech was motivational. He spoke about his plans to change things. He says he will end the war in Iraq. He plans on funding green technology to protect our environment, decrease our dependency on foreign oil, and create new jobs. He wants to give tax cuts to middle and working class families to help stimulate the economy. He will work to provide fair and affordable health care to all Americans. He will fight to make college affordable. He wants to support teachers so they do not have to, and I quote, "teach to the tests."

I agree. Can we do these things? I hope so. I really do. Getting him elected is the first step.

It was truly an amazing thing to know that I was standing in the Florida heat, listening to history happen, listening to the next potential President of the United States ask for my vote. Seeing my community come out in masses to show their support and appreciation for his campaign. Watching little children on their parents shoulders, chanting "Yes We Can!" and hoping in the next eight years, they will sit in classrooms in a much better America than the one we have today.

This day, for me, was inspiration personified.

ps - Here's the slogan I chose for our tshirts. Go see more photos, including me and Janine's Top Model Audition shots, from this wonderful day.


GatorGirlintheCity said...

Hey I took that picture! LOL

Had lots of fun with you both!!

Levana said...

sorry I missed it! by the way, are those my sunglasses? Hmmm.

The Working Girl said...

Yes! Those are your glasses. I love them too much to send them to you. I will have to give them back when I come to DC. What good are little sisters if they don't steal your stuff, huh?

emilysuze said...

1) You are so freaking hott! And yes, the two "t"s was intentional because you are that hott! Moving on, since I now seem like an online stalker...

2) I love the shirts--kudos for creativity.

3) I'm jealous that you were there for a part of history. I can't wait for November! Election time and birthday time! The only thing that would make November better would be having Harry Potter...