Friday, September 19, 2008

play with words

Tomorrow, something fabulous is FINALLY happening in Jacksonville.

We are having a rally downtown for none other than BARACK OBAMA! The best part is - the man HIMSELF will be in attendance. Lately, I've been volunteering for the campaign and being proactive makes me feel useful and excited.

And on the eve of the night I will hear the Future President of the United States of America speak in my town, all I can think is....

What makes the best tshirt?

Obama Baracks!
I Had A Barack-Through
Party Like Barack Stars
or ... Vote Obama 08 (I know, this ones a clunker!)

What can I say? Political volunteering aside, I'm still me!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to come but couldn't get out of work on Friday. Nobody wanted to take my shift!!! :(


GatorGirlintheCity said...

Hi! Looking forward to tomorrow! I think you should go with Party Like Barack Stars!

Talk to you in the AM!