Saturday, September 13, 2008

the working girl at work

So, for any curious readers, these are some pictures from my classroom. I thought you might be interested to see where I spend most of my weekdays. This is where the Working Girl gets her work on, educating the young minds of America.

This is the top of my filing cabinet. All the essentials - lesson plans, bottled water, Nelson Mandela biography, piggy bank, and a starry, starry night.
Ahh, the elusive bathroom pass. Everybody wants one.

A shelf of our classroom library. Note the color-coded labeling system.

Our "Word Garden", where vocabulary grows. It's amazing what I can do with a little fabric, wire fencing, brown paper bags, hula skirts and a staple gun.
The Student Help Station - keeps us organized and feeling happy.

This is what the room looks like from my desk. It's a bit more interesting with twenty hormonal pre-teens sitting in those desks. I promise.

Woo! Desk surfing!!! (Also, that's the giant mirror in my classroom.)
My messy desk at the end of the day.... ok, and the beginning and middle of the day, too.

Tell me what you think ... and yes, your comments will be graded. - WG


emilysuze said...

I love, love, love your classroom! What a great environment for the kids and for you! I want to steal your idea for the vocabulary garden. It's so stinking cute! You should have your own show on HGTv--Decorating on a Dime, Teacher's Edition. :)

How's the new school year treating you? Are you liking your classes? And how's that new curriculum going for you?

The Working Girl said...

The new curriculum is gross, but I'm working my way around it. Hooray for being creative!

My kids are AWESOME! I have a really great group - no major problems at all...yet. Fingers crossed this keeps up!

Also, I got your invite! Can't wait to see you!!

thetomboyeffect said...


emilysuze said...

You must write after you see Obama!

Levana said...

i want you to be mt teacher.

Levana said...

ooops. misspelling of a two letter word. i think i just failed comments. i need you to be my teacher. also i shouldn't type with one hand.