Saturday, January 17, 2009

pistachio - what you call an angry achio

The current things are all making me quite grumpy:

1. The onset of 40-something women on facebook. Now, don't get me wrong. I have a lot of 40-something friends. I'm a teacher, we run in packs. So, do I mind when they are on my facebook? No. Do I mind when the whacky science teacher who I purposefully avoid and the secretary I just met two months ago want to be my facebook friends? Yes. I don't know these people, and I hate thinking that facebook is one more place I have to censor myself. However, I can't say no, because I see them at work and might need a favor from them one day. Also, I am a nice person and I can't say no to anything. Damn it!

2. My sisters are going to the inauguration without me. Well, Levana lives in DC so I can't really be mad at her. But, my sister Janine is going to drive up with one of her friends and not with me. I can't remember if she invited me, and if she did I probably said no because I can't afford it, but I'm still all angsty about it. I want to be there, too! However, my practical side knows that I'm still paying down the debt from my last trip to DC and that I want to go back on my spring break, so I can't go this time. Let's just not vote for change in 2012 and re-elect Barack so I can go to the Obama Inauguration 2.0 .

3. I forgot to buy cat food last night, and so my bipolar cat knocked my favorite vase off the top counter in retalliation. I swear that bitch is posessed.

4. Last night I had a craving for something sweet, and I ate an entire box of Mike and Ikes. The whole ridiculous box. I couldn't stop eating. I felt like one of the Biggest Loser contestants. All day I was having dreams about Mike and Ikes and then there I was, on the couch, watching the Sex in the City movie and sucking down a box full of fruity goodness.

5. I just found out that I have an 8am Leadership Meeting on Tuesday, the day after my three day weekend break. This means I will have to wake up an hour early, get to work an hour early, and sit in a tiny room to discuss non-sensical ramblings of the education vernacular and get no real work done since as the Leadership Team, we have no real power and have to wait for Steering's approval anyway.

6. This is my first real blog update in awhile and it's all negative! Oh well. That's reality, suckers!!! I used to be friends with these girls who didn't want you around if you had "negative energy" and I felt like I couldn't have a bad day. They would want me to internalize it and use stupid psuedo-religion crap like The Secret to make it all go away. Fuck that! Sometimes you are just in a mother-fucking bad mood and people are going to have to deal with you. Stick that on your vision boards and suck it!

7. I am now pissed that #6 just made me feel a lot better and I don't have anything left to blog about! Damn you!



freedtobe said...

we should plan a trip for the re-election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emilysuze said...

1. I hate having to add work friends to my blog/facebook/myspace accounts because I feel that same need to then censor what I say...but then again, you're right, you can't say no because then they'll not making copies for you or forget to fill out paperwork for pay or any other number of shitty things to get back at you.

4. least the Mike and Ikes aren't too terrible for you. I ate an entire carton of Cake Batter ice cream and then started on a carton of Phish Food for dinner. I swear I need meds to keep me happy instead of Ben and Jerry's. Ugh. No wonder I've gained 42 pounds in the last eight months. :(

2. Sorry about having to miss the inauguration. There's got to be a party somewhere in town for you. I know there are a ton happening over in Seattle on Tuesday night, maybe you can hit up a soiree and feel a little more connected to the event.

3. I hate animals. I say find her a new home...wait, that's me channeling my angst with Chris's dog.

4. To help you feel better about your Mike and Ikes incident let's visit Thursday night at Emily's house--Grey's Anatomy and a carton of Ben and Jerry's Cake Batter. By the second commercial break, I had finished the entire thing. Is it any wonder I've gained 42 pounds in the last eight months?

6. Fuck those girls. I'm sorry, but you need to vent. If you don't vent then you become one of those crazy teachers that slams a student's head into a desk in the middle of third period. So bitch away and what the hell is a vision board?!?

Hope your weekend gets better!

GatorGirlintheCity said...

Hi, this has nothing to do with your post (although #6 was mad entertaining!)...but we're having a few people over to watch the Super Bowl--I hope you can come over! I'll send you details on FB...

The Working Girl said...

Ah, I love my bloggy friends.

Emily, a vision board has to do the "The Secret" where you post everything you want on a corkboard (like pictures of a car or your dream man or a new job or whatever). Then you "visualize" it happening and then POOF! it will happen. It eerily reminds me of putting up NKOTB posters on my wall and really, honestly believing that Joey McIntyre was going to be my boyfriend one day.

Natalie, woo! Super Bowl!

Anonymous said... I feel kind of silly looking up at my vision board.

The Working Girl said...

You don't have a vision board.

Do you?

I think the room is spinning.

HappyEeyore said...

I wholeheartedly understand the censorship thing on Facebook, and it's not supposed to be like that ...

... ps, i ate a whole box of mike and ikes the other day ... dont' feel bad :)