Sunday, December 27, 2009

why I'm like this 2.0

Sister 1: Not to start a big religious debate, but, don't you ever sometimes wonder what Christmas was all about?

Me: Um, Jesus?

Sister 1: No, but, wasn't Jesus really born in April? So, why do we celebrate it in December?

Sister 2: You just got that from an episode of Bones.

Sister 1: I mean, Christmas is nice because it brings people together, but, what's the big deal?

Me: Well, Jesus was the Messiah, which is kind-of the basis for our faith. Christmas is his birthday.

Sister 1: But, don't you ever wonder sometimes, like, what about the dinosaurs?

It's a good thing we're not on a reality show.



thetomboyeffect said...

Hey Linds, FYI - in the 4th century the Catholic Church wanted to split from the "evil" pagan religion. The Mithraism is the Roman sun god which was celebrated Dec. 25. To prove the point of Christianity being a split religion and having no links to paganism (even though the christmas tree is a huge link) it was decided to celebrate Dec. 25. People would be celebrating Christ (despite the fact that it was viewed improper to celebrate birthdays) instead of Mithraism. :) April is a theory for Christ's birth and so is Sept-Oct. Christmas is not the only holiday forced to succumb to the separation tactics.

Job is the oldest book in the Bible and used the word "Leviathan" - a "sea monster". The word dinosaur was used long after the Hebrew word for dragon was used...there are quite a few verses for the dragon work in the Hebrew Bible. This is debatable if the word dragon is the same thing as our modern day understanding of what the word dinosaur, another semester (more Hebrew)of seminary should clear this up for me.

OR, the Bible was written long after the existence and extinction of the dinosaurs. The myth of creation is no different than any other mythology of other cultures to explain the incarnation of humanity. A time before science? Stories leave much room for tall tales.............

emilysuze said...

You and your sisters are cute. :) Perhaps you should suggest to your big-wig boyfriend that we have a national holiday for dinosaurs? Then each will get their day to shine...

The Working Girl said...

Jami - Thanks for the facts!!! But really, no LOL about the Layendecker hilarity?!?

Em - Great idea!

thetomboyeffect said...

Layendecker wit is always a given...its the reason I am ADDICTED to your blog!!!!!