Sunday, March 21, 2010

i got a feeling

when you're at the bar,
out on the dance floor
music pounding
body sweating
and the dj plays your favorite song,
(like miley predicted)
you throw your hands up
twist your hips
in a somewhat perverted fashion,
tilt your head back
belt out the words
and feel insanely free.
In a corner of your brain
you think
I always want to be this young,
(dancing, singing)
twirling around the dance floor
with my friends
in these heels
and this random boy.
Until the lights come on
and you see someone hurling in the corner
or being arrested outside
so in the same corner of your brain
you think
I am getting way too old for this shit.


,... said...

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R.B xoxo said...

I think this is seriously one of the best blogs i've read so far,, I loved the way you expressed yourself its so natural and out there and I can completely relate to what you wrote so your definately a good writer. Looking forward for your next blog:D

kyle said...

yeah..i gree..this blog awesome...the u wrote, the way u express, it's such amazing..thnx God, i find your blog..

LissaMe said...

great poem.. great blog

Amber.J said...

This is beyond awesome BUT hey you only get one life to live so you have to ride this mother until the wheels fall off!

James Daniel said...

YOU are one funny girl! What a poem! Seriously creative! It was a pleasure to find this blog. I feel for ya. Keep on writing!

A Fierce Reality said...

I love it those imaginations!!

Anonymous said...

I love your voice on here. I'm glad to have found your blogs because your one entertaining person. =)